Windows are a key element of your home decor. Your choices will finish your home off just right, affect the lighting, ventilation and even the temperature of your home. They contribute to the architectural identity of the house. Your choices can be both for practicality and aesthetics.

They come in many shapes and styles. We’ll help you to make your choices based on your needs and vision for your home. A extensive range of options, in a full range of colours, lets you accent and personalize your home. Making it uniquely yours.

Enjoy your windows for years to come, they are backed by one of the most extensive warranties in the industry.

Casement Windows

  • hinged on one side doorlike
  • crank opens window outward
  • allows for good ventilation and easy cleaning
  • provides unobstructed view
  • usually more airtight than double-hung
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Awning Windows

  • hinged at top, opens outward
  • sash presses against frame – closes tightly
  • offers better ventilation than similar size windows
  • can be left open when raining – deflects rain
  • harder to clean
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Single Slider Tilt Windows

Single Hung Tilt Windows

  • top sash fixed
  • bottom moves vertically
  • top sash  creates stronger air & water seal
  • tilts in for easy cleaning
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Double Slider Tilt Windows

  • double moveable sashes
  • tilts in for easy cleaning
  • both sashes slide horizontally for ventilation
  • can be banked together for larger areas
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Double Hung Tilt Windows

Fixed Casement Windows

  • cannot be opened
  • used where light is more important than ventilation
  • great choice for unusual shaped locations
  • can be used alongside other windows
  • often used as part of bay window design
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Slim Fixed Windows

Bow & Bay Windows

  • provides elegant arches and angles
  • larger viewing area to the outside than other windows
  • 180° arc design allows windows to protrude from wall
  • can make a room seem larger than it is
  • adds value to the home
  • becomes a focal point

Bay Windows

  • typically three windows of varying sizes
  • often larger centre window flanked by two smaller windows
  • two smaller flankers set at 30 to 40° angle
  • flankers are often double hung creating ventilation for the room
  • larger window gives wider, non-obstructed view

Bow Windows

  • comprised of three to six windows, all the same size
  • shallower angles are used than on bay windows
  • typically three different types of installation: casement, double hung or single hung
  • can provide ventilation for the room
  • requires more hardware which may obstruct view


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